Colours of Tasmania


I am finally modifying this website to reflect my current work. It is eighteen months since I finished my Arts dgree and I am definitely seeing the benefits of the training appearing in my products. I can even remember how to code! Sales have been really good and many of my products were sold before I had the opportunity to photograph them.

Swansea Market

I live on the wonderful East coast of Tasmania on a 40 acre property at Little Swanport halfway between Triabunna and Swansea. My artwork is inspired by the colours that surround me. Fibre or polymer - it is all about colour. We can be found at the Bicheno markets most weekends in Spring and Summer, and at The Village market in Triabunna on the third Sunday in each month.

Are you here to find out about the techniques that I use to make my Polymer Art? I have listed the techniques that I use most often on my techniques pages.

Stud Earrings

My Nuno felted scarves are popular sellers and I will soon have a video availalbe on how I make them.


Follow this link if you are looking for information on the textiles thaat I make or information on how I prepare my fleece for spinning and weaving I have information on how I prepare merino fleece for spinning and I will be adding a section on silk very soon.

Fluffy Merino tops

Want an easy to-use pattern for hand spun wool or information on how to judge what ply your wool is. lace scarf

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